Coronavirus outbreak closes courts. We’re still serving our clients.

blind lady justice statue next to a gavel

Local, state and federal authorities have taken unprecedented actions to slow the outbreak of the serious coronavirus, known as COVID-19. At this time, all state courts have continued all cases through April 6, 2020. Federal Court for the Eastern District of Virginia has continued all cases through March 31, 2020.

Some have asked what court closure means for their right to speedy trial. Unfortunately, the statute “tolls” which means the amount of time the case is continued does not count towards speedy trial. The reason is because the statute makes an exception for an “Act of God,” and COVID-19 meets this exception.

The jails are also prohibiting visits from the community.

What does this mean for you?

Foremost, Toscano Law Group will continue operating during this time and adding extra steps to ensure the health and safety of our Virginia Beach community.

And, yes, we are accepting new clients. We’ve also added the option of conducting consultations via video chat.

If you are an existing client, we are working hard and communicating with the courts about a rescheduled date for your continued case. They are overwhelmed, so their response time is slower than normal. Please be patient. We’re also making sure your case is fully prepared so that we are ready as soon as the courts begin hearing cases again.

I know this is an unnerving time for most. But lawyers are trained to deal with very difficult and complex circumstances. Our team is available to resolve your legal challenges.

At Toscano Law Group, we remain fully committed to your representation and delivering excellent outcomes.

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