“Not Guilty.” Firm Client Charged With Murder Exonerated.

not guilty stamp with the words "not guilty" written below in red

“Not Guilty.” Those are the words every client who mounts a defense hopes to hear.

This wasn’t just any case. This was a case where my client was charged with first degree murder. A conviction could have sent my client to prison for life based on a single eye witness. Instead, I was able to present a vigorous defense with cross-examination and successfully argue to the jury that the eye witness testimony, on which the prosecution’s case was based, was faulty.

From news coverage of the case:

Only after police hauled him down to the station and showed him six photos did [the witness] ID Robinson as the killer. Not because Robinson did it, but because his was the only picture Wilson recognized, Toscano said.

So Li’l Jon sees a familiar face, and he picks out that familiar face,” she told the jurors. “Then a story is created.” But it was too dark, and Wilson was too far away for his eyewitness identification of Robinson to be credible, Toscano said.

As I said to the Virginian-Pilot newspaper following the verdict, “My client and I are very happy.”

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