Case Result and Media Coverage: Felony Extortion Charge Dismissed in Portsmouth

The Virginian-Pilot covered the outcome of a case our team was hired to defend in Portsmouth, Virginia. Yesterday, we were successful in getting the felony charge of extortion, which carries a prison sentence of up to ten years, dismissed for our client.

Dixon’s lawyer, Diane Toscano, told a judge Tuesday it was a case of mistaken identity. Toscano told the judge her client was charged based solely on a photo lineup that included an image of Dixon taken 14 years ago, when she was 42. A Portsmouth police officer showed black-and-white photographs to the alleged victim’s co-worker from 7-Eleven, and the co-worker selected Dixon’s picture.

That’s it, judge,” Toscano said. She said police didn’t investigate further and didn’t get any of Dixon’s cell phone records, even though the alleged victim said the person who tried to extort him had been in touch by phone. Toscano said she reviewed Dixon’s phone records, and the alleged victim’s name or number didn’t appear anywhere.

Though each case and set of facts is unique, we approached this case the way we always do. We listen carefully to our clients and their loved ones, apply the talents of our whole legal team, carefully review all evidence, prepare a strategy and plan, execute the plan and file timely motions, prepare for trial and perform zealous trial advocacy.