Toscano Law Group Hired on Murder Charge in Portsmouth, Virginia

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Some people run from the fight.

But at Toscano Law Group, we’re eager to work for clients facing serious charges or have very complex civil cases. As experienced litigators and former prosecutors, it’s in our nature.

This week, we were hired by a client facing a charge of first-degree murder in Portsmouth, Virginia. At first, the story presented in initial hearings and media announcements can seem overwhelming. (The Virginian-Pilot covered this morning’s bond hearing, and firm attorney Diane Toscano is quoted in the article.)

But we have enough experience in these cases to know that the prosecution’s actual case is usually far less concrete than is initially presented to the public.

Said Toscano, “Unfortunately, this is a very sad domestic case involving the boyfriend of the deceased. Our client, Matthew, is a father of five who grew up in Chesapeake, and he looks forward to clearing his name.”

As always, we look forward to providing a vigorous defense of our client.

If you are facing a serious criminal charge or have a complex legal case, contact us today for assistance.

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